Monday, October 01, 2007

Wow. This sucks.

Y'know, I normally don't do this. This is a fanboy site, after all.

Leigh doesn't like the iPod classic. Frankly, it sounds like Leigh got a lemon. But I'll withhold judgment for nonce. I haven't seen any other reviews yet. I'll keep my eyes open.

All the hullaballoo about the iPhone price drop continues. I'm guessing a lot of lawyers will make money, and that will be the end of it. The whole argument against the price drop is pretty nebulous (translation: stupid).

Then there's the coming class action suit against Apple for locking the phone. That one might have legs except for one teensy-weensy-itty-bitty detail that everybody seems to have missed: Apple didn't lock the iPhone. If you own an iBrick, you did it.

Apple announced that v 1.1.1 would brick unlocked phones and disable 3p hacks. Then Apple released version 1.1.1.

Let's say Bubba handed you a gun and said, "If you point this here end of the pipe at your head and pull this little lever – we call it a 'trigger' in Waco – it will splatter the contents of your brain pan all over yonder wall." If, a few moments later, there is a mess on the far wall that looks vaguely like Elvis, is it Bubba's fault? Bubba took great pains to explain that you ought not to do that.

If you read the EULA, it doesn't require you to upgrade your software, just because an upgrade is released. Anyway, you don't give half a shit about the EULA or you wouldn't be bitching about your busted-ass iPhone in the first place.

As for the ringtone issue, well, I kinda hope Ambrosia and Apple can make peace on that one, but I doubt it. Apple probably had to make a deal with Satan (RIAA) in order to be able to offer that feature. I'll bet you breakfast at iHOP His Steveness had to promise the record companies that he'd break iToner with the update.

That blows a big one. Andrew Welch has been writing great shareware/downloadware for the Mac since the earth was cooling. At least twenty years – at least I've been downloading his work for that long. I downloaded Easy Envelopes from him before he decided to call himself Ambrosia Software. I'm rooting for iToner. This in spite of the fact that I think 99.44% of all ringtones warrant shooting the owner of the phone without a trial. I love the Tom Petty song, "Asshole," but not as a ringtone; not during my lecture on Effective Communication; not with a Department of Energy auditor in the room taking notes with which to spoil the rest of my week. Thank you.

On a brighter note, there's a place called that has a bunch of pictures specially made to be iPhone wallpapers. I'm going to see if there's one that looks like really nice masonry work; ideally red brick. Every time I look at it, I can laugh at all the bozos who just had to touch to see if the "Wet Paint" sign was really true.

I think I'll have one more cup of coffee.