Sunday, October 28, 2007

Non-fanboy type stuff

The folder icons suck. (Tip of the bill to Leigh)

I want widgets on my desktop without resorting to Yahoo! I don't like hitting F12. I just want to look to one side and see my stock prices (up).

I also want WiFi backup. WiFi. Backup. No, I don't want to go type shit into the Terminal to magically enable it. When I decide I want to type in commands I'll buy some decaying t-shirts with penguins on them, get consecutive days of wear from my white socks and boxers, wash laundry on even-numbered Saturdays, and make a disk partition for Ubuntu. Until then, I want what I want, and I want it buried no deeper than a radio button in System Preferences. Thank you.

The iPhone says it has Bluetooth. The computer says it has Bluetooth. Why don't they sync with Bluetooth? Is there a recent Microsoft refugee in the Bluetooth shop? What the hell? Okay, maybe it would take too long to sync pictures and music and podcasts, but why not the address book and iCal? Huh?

Here's a great idea for an iPhone app. A presenter. Just a little doo-dah with two or three buttons on it that controls a Bluetooth dongle for Keynote (or PowerPoint if you must) presentations.

Alright. That's enough.