Friday, October 26, 2007

It's not my fault.

I still don't have my copy of Leopard. FedEx came. Instead of a wicked cool new operating system, they left me a note. The note is definitely not wicked cool. I have to wait until after 5 PM PDT, to get my hands on it.

True story:

I left work early. On my way home I spotted a FedEx truck driving through town. I followed it to the next stop. I asked him if he had my package. He did not. He took my address and iPhone number and sent a message to the driver who most likely does have it.

The possibility still exists that I could install it sooner than eight o'clock tonight, but the glimmer of hope is fading.

Dang it.

As soon as I have it, the Official Rip Ragged obsequious fanboy review begins.

On an unrelated note: Leaving work early on Friday afternoon is just about the coolest thing in the world.

Update 1835: I have just finished a game of Scrabble with wifey-poo. CCC is making a copy of my HD to my external. The Leopard Disk is in.

Update 1851: This may take a bit. Had Mexican Pepper Steak, a chili relleno, and two Mirror Pond Pale Ales for dinner. Life is good.

1856: Just an idle thought while the copy is ongoing. Did anyone else notice how unbelievably cool the box is? Apple put a lot of creativity into that. That kind of stuff is what Apple pays attention to that the other guys don't. They didn't have to make it look that cool to sell it, but they did. Okay. It's 1900. I'm starting a new post.