Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's News

Microsoft has invested in Facebook. That's exciting. Another instant billionaire. This may seem crass, but Facebook doesn't look any more useful than Mah Jong to me. That kid who started the site kept jacking up the price based on, as near as I could tell, smoke and mirrors. I'd sell out for a couple hundred thousand. Heck, a six pack of IPA would probably get you a share of revenues and a chance to edit.

Enough of that.

Leopard ships Friday. Yeah.

Let's see. What else?

10.4.11 is coming soon, too. I'm kinda wondering if I should bother. What with Leopard coming in a few days, is it worth installing an upgrade to Tiger? Hard to say. Any ideas?

Lots of people out there predicting one thing and another. New iPhone in the spring, new iPods in the pipeline, tablet Mac coming in January, Seahawks will win the NFC West, all kinds of random crap.

Yeh. My home team. The Seahawks. They're the odds-on favorite to win the most pathetic division in the pros. They're one and one against teams that haven't won a single game. Oh, baby.

Most everything else on the web that's even vaguely Apple related is speculation. The rest is opinion based on speculation. It's all geniuses who agree with me and idiots who don't. But I guess that's always the way.

Geez. I hope I didn't disappoint everyone.

P.S. I no longer hate the Cowboys. I still don't like them, but Tony Romo is cool. He plays the game with heart. Maybe the first QB in Dallas with any class since Staubach. I could learn to like a team with a guy like that playing.