Wednesday, October 10, 2007

PIns and Needles

Just a quick post tonight. Rehearsal ran late. I have to get up early.

1. People are still squealing like stuck pigs about the iPhone thing. In fact, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan seem to have become fairly dull and pedestrian topics in the news.

2. I just went to Ron Paul's site. If you log on with your iPhone, you get a special /iphone at the end of the URL and the whole site is in iPhone friendly formatting. I read his positions on various topics. I like what he says. First guy I've read to make real sense on the Middle East shitpuddle and the whole Homeland Security issue.

Also read a few other conservative pundits. It looks to them (and now me) that if it ain't Ron Paul, it's probably going to President Wicked Witch of the Midwest. Dang it. I was hoping to avoid any political involvement this year.

3. I also followed a link on FSJ to some knucklehead who says he owns a Mac, and then goes on to kick the shit out of Artie McStrawman for a few paragraphs. All us Apple fanboys are just zealots who worship at the shrine of His Steveness. What a bozo.

I have seen a Zune in the wild. The guy said, "It's just like an iPod, but it has an FM radio in it."

This chili needs a few more peppers.