Tuesday, October 02, 2007

On and on and on and on and.....

Everywhere you look, people are STILL bitching about Apple and the iPhone/iBrick thing.

Blogs all over the place are giving it more column inches than it deserves. What a waste of good bandwidth. I'm done with it. I just want to say, for the record, that there are some stupid people out there using technology.

There's also a lot of bandwidth being wasted over the 3p software for the iPhone. Steve Jobs said early in the going that they were planning on issuing an SDK this year. He just wanted to make sure he could guarantee the security of the thing. I just read DC's comment on an earlier post about this. FSJ isn't really prescient, or hooked in, he just pays attention and remembers what was said. Kind of an oddly long attention span for a blogger, but then he isn't really one of us.

The only posts worth reading (besides me and FSJ) are over on Mac Daily News. Apple closed at another all time high today. Yippee. I'm only being sarcastic because it's easily predictable that Apple's stock will keep going up, at least in the near term. Apple isn't in competition with anybody. Apple is all alone on the playing field. Hell's bells, even the Miami Dolphins and the Saint Louis Rams could score by early in the second quarter if their opponents didn't take the field.

There's another article about some company called HTC that introduced their version of the touch screen phone. I was going to go read about it, but I've decided not to do any research this month. The new "competition" won't be running a version of OS X. Therefore it will suck. I'm guessing it will have a media half-life of a few days. Then, after nobody buys one, it will disappear like all the others.

There's a new Zune. It has flash memory. Show of hands: who gives a shit? That's what I thought.

Someplace else, somebody reported that Apple's installed base is 6.61% of all the computers on the internet. 90% of all the computers on the web run some flavor of Windows. That's supposed to be important. The Toyota Camry is the best selling passenger car in America. Raise your hand if you think that's a good reason to go buy one. Yeah. Me either. If there's a more useless factoid than "what most people are buying" I don't know what it is.

Some brain-damaged publicity hound is suing Steve Jobs and Apple for dropping the price of the iPhone. She's probably that blonde you heard about with the headphones on and the tape recording saying, "Breathe in, breathe out..." so she doesn't forget and keel over dead.

All the coverage Apple gets on the web would be funny if it wasn't so predictable and mindless. The good thing is that all of it benefits Apple. You can't measure the value of all that free advertising. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that all the worst crap being written (Enderle, Dvorak, Thurott) is being paid for directly from The Steve's personal checking account. Those guys do their trolling and the feckin' switchboards light up on every Fanboy blog on the web. It's like watching the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles. You know it's coming but it's still funnier than hell when you see it.

Thanks for dropping by. Join me on the front porch. I'm thinking how evil it would be to throw rocks at the pit bull chained up in my pain-in-the-ass neighbor's yard. If you did it often enough, that dog would eventually get pissed off enough to eat the next biped in range of his chain. That would be awful.

I should just take my medicine and go to bed.