Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some people should not be allowed....

I have to go rehearse soon, so this one will be quick.

There is a guy out there somewhere, and I swear I'm not making this up, who is suing Apple because his 8 Gig iPod only has 7.5 Gigs of capacity. He claims he's been cheated out of 7.5% of the space he paid for. Apparently this individual has never purchased a hard disc drive in his entire life.

I'm in awe. Dude. They sell it in decimal; they format it in binary. Ever has it been. Ever shall it be.

The democratization of tech has finally come to this: People with the tech savvy of snake shit in wagon tracks are buying advanced technology and getting offended because they don't understand the frigging language. Then, without bothering to get educated, they go hire equally technologically advanced lawyers and file class action suits based on exactly nothing.

That's why our judicial system is so bogged down. Idiots and lawyers, but I repeat myself.

Supper time.