Friday, October 12, 2007

News Roundup for the Week - last updated 12/22/06 - Couple of new items: You can buy a brown Zune 30 from Newegg for $139.99. I don't normally do links, but I need a second opinion. Is this man happy or in severe pain? I'm guessing the latter. Also on this site, it looks like somebody downloaded a new version of Zune software, and now their player doesn't work. Anyway, that's what I thought I read.

Vista News - Check this story over on Computerworld. Yeh. I finally figured out how to use the link thingy. Funny stuff. It seems that despite my best efforts, word hasn't gotten out. Vista sucks. It seems to be starting to catch, though.

You know, what's really funny about all that crap isn't that it's being written, but where it's being written. The Zune stuff is where you'd expect something of a fanboy atmosphere. Computerworld never used to rip on the Borg, or even allow Borg-negative copy to find its way to the public.

In Apple news, um....well...nothing. There are endless rumors about Leopard, the iPhone, iPods, Steve Jobs' man-crush on Al Gore, and new Macs. That's because bloggers must blog. No basis in reality. The "news" about iPhone lawsuits and the like is finally dying down a bit. The noisy ones comprise a small percentage of all iPhone owners. Apple sent their lawyers, but other than that: Nothing. No comments at all. I mean, really. Raise your hand if you'd put down a slice of pepperoni pizza to meet one the plaintiffs.

Apple released a new version of software for the iPod Classic. I'm wondering if it fixed some of the complaints I heard. I'm also wondering if I'm going to get an iPod Nano for Christmas.

I still think Poetry Man by Phoebe Snow is the sexiest track ever recorded.