Friday, October 26, 2007

PRE- Obsequious Fanboy Leopard Review

All times are PDT, because, frankly my math skills aren't what they should be.

1901: Carbon Copy Cloner is making a copy of my HD to my external drive. This looks like another half hour. Has anyone noticed that Apple really does put their money where their mouth is? There is no DRM on OS X. None.

1909: Lalalalalalala. Fresh cup of coffee. Anyway. You could buy one copy of Leopard and install it on all your friends Macs. Nobody would ever know. People don't. I bought the Family pack to install it on all the computers in the house. I could have saved $70 by just buying a single license. Am I stupid? Nah. Just honest; most people are. Apple gets that. The Evil Empire doesn't.

1917: The copying continues. The window with the big X and the install icon is in the upper left corner of the screen, taunting me. It looks like another 40 minutes. Gaaaaah! It's okay. I have Crystal Blue Persuasion playing, now.

1924: I just thought of something else. Apple promised to release this thing at 6:00 local time, everywhere. They didn't promise anyone they'd get Leopard today if they ordered it online. We all hoped we'd have it today, and our hopes were fulfilled, but Apple promised nothing of the sort. Yet they did it. That's why we're fanboys (-girls).

1933: Another thing: I read a site somewhere today; some guy was talking about the great hardware design of Apple products; the attention to detail like the magnetic cord on MBPs. Some guy in the comments said Mac freaks are all about the software and don't notice the hardware all that much. I sometimes wonder why that baseball is getting bigger. Then it hits me. We love our software. Sure. We don't notice the hardware much? Hmm. I think it's because we know we have Apple products. We're spoiled rotten on good hardware design. Did you see the new Bang & Olufsen mp3 player? It looks like a 1976 artists conception of something from the year 2001. Compared to an iPod it looks like crap.

1941: It looks like another ten minutes or so of copying. Carbon Copy Cloner works pretty good, near as I can tell. I'm gonna pay the man $10 for the software, even though I'm only going to use it once. It's worth it just for the peace of mind. Not only that, but it's a nice little program. Very easy to figure out and use. Hell, I even managed to get through it without a manual.

1957: Maybe in a little while this frigging thing will finish copying. Damn. I wanna play with Leopard before bed. We're moving sets and props onto the stage tomorrow. If I never hear the words "Peter Pan" again it will be too soon. Gaaaaah. We finish the last show the Sunday before Thanksgiving. S.P.F.C.CS.MF.T. Apologies to George Carlin.

2021: Alrighty, then. The copying is done. Man, oh man. This is almost as bad as going shoe shopping with my wife. The only thing that makes this better is that I can yell, "Is this going to take the rest of the fucking afternoon?!," and I don't get any dirty looks from cute cashiers. I'm going to let this post die. We'll start the REAL Obsequious Review in a few minutes. After the install. I didn't realize I had that much crap on my HD. I gotta clean that mess up. I just noticed, watching the progress bar go by, that I have Free Bird. I hate that song. I love Skynnyrd, but that song makes me retch. Don't know why. Maybe for the same reason Stairway to Heaven makes me reach for the mute button. Just heard them one too many times.

2048: Just in case there are Microtards reading this, I don't want to give the wrong idea. The time at the beginning of this update is the PDT that I shut it all down and start the install. I want to get this right. I don't know why. It doesn't matter to anybody but me, but that's enough. I don't really have to do this whole HD backup thing. I've installed every Apple OS before this without a hitch, and didn't do any of this crap. I'm just wearing a belt and suspenders 'cause it seems like a good idea at this moment. Okay. 2048 is the time.

I'd better feed the cats after I start the install.