Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It Rocks

Yes. It's true. Leopard rocks.


I'm into the severalth day of running Leopard. It makes me smile. Every once in a while I click on the Time Machine icon in the dock. I keep waiting for the Imperial Cruiser to enter from the top of the screen, firing on the Rebel Fleet. It never does.

I haven't had time to really sit down and get the whole computer busy – writing, running iTunes, searching Google, a game going, adding clowns, barnyard animals, and soldiers to lesbian porn in Photoshop, and what have you. When I get there, I'll probably get to play with Spaces and see if it's as cool as I think it will be.

This just in: Vista sucks. Man. Everywhere you go people are slamming it. Some of the MS-fanboy sites are damning it with faint praise, or just making excuses for MS. They say it has to suck because MS is beholden to so many people to make it keep on sucking. Developers and IT managers need it to suck. Stockholders force it to suck. The economy demands that it suck. Nobody denies that it sucks. Sucks.

NBC is being stupid. That Zucker noodle thinks his idiotic sitcoms are responsible for the success of the iPod. He thinks he can charge more than a dollar-ninety-nine for that dross he calls programming. Arrogant fuck. NBC.com and Hulu will not be news for more than a few weeks, at most.

Zucker, your programs are garbage. People only watch them because the years of television have numbed their brains. Or they're too tired, bored, or disinterested to screw. People who spend time on the internet or watch video on iPods don't have time for that crap. We're to busy living to schedule our meals around the TV Guide. Apple is about to kick your ass. Kick. Your. Ass.

Broadcast television is where Zucker picks what I watch and when I watch it. I don't like how Zucker picks either one. Apple is where the market decides. If it's good it sells. If it's shit it dies. NBC, CBS, ABC die. Sitcoms die. Survivor dies.

Leopard Rocks.

Shake n Bake chicken for dinner. MMMMMmmmmmmm.