Thursday, October 04, 2007

The New Zunes

Microsoft has introduced new additions to the Zune line-up. I didn't want to be the only Mac blog to not comment and analyze that development.

Comment: In Great Britain they really don't warm their beer up to drink it, as some people may believe. They drink it at "cellar temperature," which is somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 to 55 ºF.

Analysis of the latest addition to the Zune lineup: I can see more value in discussing Britney's custody battle, and before I'll permit that discussion to take place anywhere near me, I'll ask everybody in the room if they had a good bowel movement today and whether they prefer creamy or crunchy peanut butter. Generally that scares everybody off, so I can drink my martini in peace.

I was going somewhere with that, but frankly I no longer care.

There. That's over with.

Verizon has introduced a new iPhone killer. How come every time somebody introduces a shoddy, kludged together mass of poor technology with a shitty interface that looks vaguely like an Apple product [might look if it were created by a 14-year old boy with a pocket knife, a box of crayons and Attention Deficit Disorder], it's called an [iPod/iPhone/Mac] killer?

I guarantee this Verizon phone won't approach the iPhone in any meaningful criteria, including sales. I looked at a picture of it. It wasn't done in the name of research, so I'm still not claiming any fact checking for October. Anyway, it looks just like a cheesy-ass knockoff. I'm not going to go look at one, but I'll bet you it looks like poorly painted homemade attempt at imitation.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go rehearse my dance numbers for Peter Pan.

I've played a pirate before, y'know. If you follow this link, I'm the first picture you'll see. The earring is a clip-on.

Duty calls.