Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Microsoft Stock Up


In other news: Not much. I read everything I could find today. I've finished developing my classes for the next training cycle. It doesn't start until December. I don't actually start a full training schedule again until January. Life is mellow (read: dull as the cutting edge of a bowling ball).

What I've been able to figure out is that now that Apple has released the iPhone, Leopard, and new iPods, the rest of the year's news will largely consist of reports on the stock price, speculation about first quarter earnings and holiday sales, rumors of new products and categories.

It's almost a sure bet that Apple is about to enter gender-specific markets this year. They will most likely start big. Look for lingerie, candle holders, and wicker furniture bearing the Apple logo in the second quarter next year. They'll probably introduce a car entertainment system as well. It will sync via WiFi with your computer, and store your entire video and audio library and show videos in HD on multiple screens. GPS and verbal directions to the nearest Apple store will of course be standard.

For guys, well, I did mention lingerie didn't I? I asked a saleswoman in a Victoria's Secret one time if they had anything in the store for men. She said, "Honey, everything in here is for men."

Did you hear? There's malware targeting Macs. It's a Trojan Horse that you mostly get from porn sites. MacWorld has more information on it. There has to be fifteen minutes worth of really stupid jokes in that little announcement. Trojan. Horse. Porn sites. Infections. I can't do it. Just looking at it sends my brain into a nested loop.

That's all for tonight. I'm going to take advantage of MSFT being up. I'm going to sell what I own of it in my Virtual Fund. I'm also going to sell the few shares of Dell I have there. I think I'll probably buy some EIX with the proceeds of those two sales.

For tonight, though, I'm just going to beat my wife's ass at Scrabble®.

Drive slow, if you drive fast you'll alert the older trick-or-treaters to your presence and miss the opportunity to flatten the greedy little bastards.