Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well so much for...

I was going to do a big whoop-de-do, jumping up and down, fanboy holler about Leopard. But I really can't. All it does is work perfectly, near as I can tell.

I really like Time Machine. I don't back up. Never have. It's like losing weight and learning not to tell the boss he has a booger hanging out in the middle of his presentation – from the back of the room. It's one of those things I always knew I should do, but never got around to. Time Machine will just do it, as long as I have the drive plugged in.

I had to go buy a new drive, but there was a Western Digital 500 Gb drive on sale at Circuit City for $129. That's cheap. They had a 320 for only $99, but what the hell. For thirty bucks, 180 more Gigs? That's six for a buck. Okay.

I'm noticing some fairly major changes. The old System Preferences icon has changed. Instead of looking like it should be to the right of the door as you walk in, now it looks like the inside of a Timex. Big improvement there.

Finder windows are two-tone, now – just like those shoes Henry Blake wore into the helicopter on his trip out of Korea.

I just started playing with Spaces. I'm kind of wondering if it's possible to have a different desktop picture in each one. Don't know about other preferences either. I'll fiddle with that and report back, unless I forget. I sometimes do that. My wife thinks I have adult onset ADD. I think she just doesn't want me to spend the money it'll take me to do ground school and get my pilots license. She wants to spend the money on landscaping the yard, which frankly looks just fine since I planted the hedge. Well, it looks fine to the neighbors because all they can see is hedge. Besides, who cares what they think, anyway? Ever since they moved in a couple of years ago they think they're the dog-damn horticultural police for the the whole frigging block?! It isn't like their yard is exactly the Garden of Eden.

Mail is two-tone. It has a "Mail Activity" pane in the "Message Viewer" window. Thank you for that. I always wondered what the hell my mail was doing.

Oops. Time to play Scrabble.