Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Zoom Thingy

Scary Microsoft Guy said today that the Zoom thingy has captured 20-25% of the high-dollar mp3 player market. Then he laughed at the iPhone. Claimed it was WAAAAAAAY too expensive. One of his criteria for laughing at the iPhone was that Microsoft has sold "millions and millions" of phones, and Apple hasn't sold a single one. He obviously has no sense of irony.

Let's see, he's selling an expensive, useless-feature laden brick with a suck-ass user interface and abusive DRM scheme and getting his ass kicked in the music player market.

The crippled, clunky, cheese-ball phones he's selling millions and millions of were instantly superannuated last Tuesday in San Francisco. They sucked before there was an iPhone. Now there's an alternative on the horizon. Microsoft can break even on the deal if the stockholders will accept obsolete crap in lieu of dividends.

Vista is selling more Macs that Justin Long.

He's bragging. If I was Bill Gates I'd be telling him, "Dude. STFU. Really."

Oh yeah, Macs and iPods are selling faster than Eskimo Pies in Hell.

These are good days to be a fanboy.