Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Death of Apple

Well, the lack of any new news has prompted speculation that big things must be happening behind the scenes.

Steve Jobs was interviewed by Federal Government Employees. Better him than me. I'd rather be eaten alive by rabid weasels. Okay, the difference is semantic. Nobody who knows anything will say what was discussed or what was said. People who have no frigging idea what happened can't seem to shut up about it.

Are we there yet?


In further non-news, no one has yet reported any appreciable market share for that Zune thingy. Also, Vista runs really swell on a brand new pimped out super-duper unobtainium-powered Dell. No one anywhere is saying, "Wow. It installed really easy and runs great on my three-year-old Pentium D." (I'll betcha a whole nickel Leopard will install and run great on my 4-year old G5.)

Minor news Brian Krebs of the Washington Post has stated that the Macintosh is a good option for people who just can't stand all the malware that's out there for Windows. Of course he doesn't recommend it except in extreme cases of functional intelligence (cry-babies). I guess that means that people who prefer to spend their disposable incomes on virus scanners and anti-spyware programs as opposed to new sneakers for little Timmy or pizza (idiots), should continue using Windows.

Here's the deal, though. Those who can't afford to buy a new computer to run a fully functional version of Vista will be left in the "Microsoft Technology" (oxymoron?) dust when the next version of Windows comes out in 2012.

I'm saving up my milk money so I can buy a MacPro with 8 Gigs of RAM and a 500 Gig HD.

No, I don't need all that just to run a cheesy full-of-used-soluble-fiber blog. I just want it.