Monday, January 29, 2007

Excuse to Switch

Hey Windows guys. We love ya'. Really. I just hate to see you in pain.

Everybody knows that Windows is the second best Home PC operating system in the world (third if you count Linux and you're geeky enough to run it). You guys have suffered long enough. Join us over here on the Mac side of life.

Heck, if you had a Mac running Leopard you'd already be kind of bored by most of the features in Vista. We've been using them for a year or two. Also, we've had time to get sort of spoiled by the lack of malware. So when we have six or seven applications open at once, they're checking our mail, downloading RSS feeds, editing and sorting our pictures, playing our song, but none of them are doing virus scans. All we can do is just sit here stupidly doing whatever it was we bought the computer to do.

It turns out that if you have an older PC, you're probably going to have to buy a new one to really get going with Vista. Since you have to buy a new box anyway, why not get a Mac?

Leopard will be on the street soon. If you buy a Mac and upgrade, you'll get some good insights into the next Windows feature set. It's going to be pretty cool.

You can still run Vista. Linux too, if you want. We won't pick on you for it (much).

Yes, blogging is more fun than doughnut stacking on a windy day.