Thursday, January 25, 2007

Troll Piece

I read somewhere that the iPhone is not a smart phone. This was stated by some "analysts." The intent of the article was that not being a smart phone was a bad thing. A smart phone, they say, would be able to load up all kinds of third-party software. I had a "smart phone" for a while. It ran some weird mutant version of Windows. I'm guessing that 20% of the price of the nasty thing went to the technical support company picnic.

I traded it in on a Razr. The Razr isn't anywhere near as cool as the iPhone, but at least it works.

Goofball analysts discuss how the iPhone is just an mp3 player with an okay phone attached. Nobody wants that. Poor old Apple screwed up again.

Steve Jobs just keeps on failing to kneel down at the altar of people who are a lot less successful than he is at introducing technology.

Remember the iPod? Remember what an utter failure that was?

Discontinuing the iPod mini in favor of that dinky-ass nano? Idiocy.

The switch to Intel? Horrible mistake.

Remember that the Macintosh is just as vulnerable to malware as a Windows machine. Hahahaha.


Until the mainstream press admits that Apple makes technologically superior products in important market categories, every product Apple competes against will complacently stumble forward losing market share all along the way. Why shouldn't they? All these "experts" say, "Apple's stuff can't compete against us." There's no reason to innovate.

Cell phone makers don't think the iPhone is much of a threat.

Fact: Apple makes the best personal computers on the market.

Fact: The iPod is the definition of a portable music player.

Fact: The cell phone makers who don't get off their dumb asses and innovate up a pretty slick piece of hardware in short order are going to get their asses kicked by the iPhone.

Hey! What's going on with that Cisco lawsuit?

Up a little. A bit to the right. AAaaaaah.