Friday, January 05, 2007

More News About MacWorld

Everywhere you look on the web, except a few of the seedier porn sites, there is news about MacWorld.

Financial analysts, Tech journalists, bloggers, PC World, Forbes, Fortune, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Woman's Day, Popular Mechanics, RC Modeler, Penthouse, you name it. Everybody knows what Steve Jobs is going to say in the Keynote address. So far, all the analysts agree that pizza is okay cold if you absolutely have to eat something. Here's the stuff they think must be on the way.

• A phone. Probably an iPod phone. More likely an iPod/PDA/Phone. No. Wait. A VOiP phone. No, that's not right. Maybe an iPod/PDA/VOiP/Cell phone with a built-in popcorn popper.

• A tablet computer. Everybody wants a tablet computer. Maybe the tablet computer will also be an iPod/PDA/VOip/Cell phone with an attached swimming pool skimmer.

• A set top box that will allow the streaming of Silly String (R) from the computer to the TV.

• A MacPro with Dual Quad Core chips, 3 Tb of HD, bucket seats, chrome tail pipes, and four-on-the-floor.

• Enterprise stuff. Big ol' servers and software that will make an IT guy's sticker peck out.

• Canned sliced cling peaches in "lite" syrup.