Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Stuff

Vista is out. It's on the street.

The world's richest last guy to get picked when choosing up sides for dodgeball is having a big ol' bash in Manhattan to celebrate that the monkey is finally off his back.

Windows has been renewed, upgraded, and foisted on an unsuspecting public. The latest iteration is here, and it's every bit as good an operating system as Linux, and somewhat easier to use. It looks just exactly like OS X Tiger, except that it's still Windows (Translation: still sucks). Vista sucks a lot less than XP though. It retains that backwards compatibility Windows users insist on. They will still be able to run all the programs they've been running for 10 friggin' years because they're too cheap to upgrade.

All that GREAT Windows-only software will still run. And trust me, if you need a spreadsheet custom made for Point of Sale cash register operation at an All Night Shooting Range and Laptop Service Center, you'll find it for Windows.

The system requirements are a 6-Cabinet Cray XT4 with 8 GB of RAM. A USB 2.0 Backup drive is almost essential.

Note: iLife (and that includes Garage Band) does not come bundled with the Cray. That just sucks. I mean you have to pony up some serious moolah for one of those bad boys. You'd think they could throw you a bone. Y'know?