Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Earth Shattering News

Apple is involved in lawsuits. It's all over the news. They're being sued for monopolistic practices, patent and copyright infringement, people who turn their music up too loud, and probably for injuries caused when someone tried to microwave an iPod.

Can you imagine?

In other news ---

The Keynote at MacWorld Expo is in SIX DAYS. Steve Jobs is expected to announce a universal remote control/VOIP-cellular phone/PDA/iPod/personal massager/GPS unit. The expected wunder-product will do everything except mince garlic. Belkin and Creative Labs will announce competing garlic-mincer attachments before the end of the month.

Also, he'll reveal the real name for iTV.

It's day three of Bug-a-day month. So far we have two. Yo! LMH (whatever the hell that stands for: Look Mom, Hype!) Where is today's bug? The suspense is killing me. Okay. No it isn't.

Pizza's here.