Sunday, January 28, 2007


Fellow members of the Macintosh community, the time has come. Apple is no longer a niche company with a few ragged hungry bands of believers huddled together in far-flung outposts. Apple is mainstream. Apple is a corporate monolith. Apple's market capitalization is about four times that of General Motors.

Apple owns the portable digital media market. Apple owns legal entertainment downloads. Macs are bitchin'. We already know. We don't need the PC Magazine Seal of Approval.

The Apple bashers of the world – John C. Dvorak, Rob Enderle, Paul Thurott to name a few – know they can get a ton of hits on their sites by bashing "fanboys." They write their crap largely to accomplish that goal.

I propose that from this moment forward, we make them hit our blogs to see us jeer and snicker at their stupidity. Their sites don't deserve the hits or the comment activity. We do. Not that I ever have, but I will not in the future link an Apple bash. No sirree.

If I go to their sites and read their drivel, I'll come back to here and Macalope, and Daring Fireball, and CARS, and Roughly Drafted to take potshots at the dopes. I ask my fellow Mac bloggers and blog readers to do the same.

We know we have the best machines. We don't have to defend our choice. We don't have to be anything but smug. If they want to fight about it, they can come write comments on our sites and increase our traffic. Then we can moderate their comments.

Let's get the Windows fanboys to flame our sites.