Monday, January 22, 2007

Apple Makes Time

The January 22 issue of Time Magazine talks about the Apple, Steve Jobs, and the iPhone.

I'd go find out what is says but that would constitute research. I've already done some of that this month so I'll just guess that the article says something like:

"The iPhone is really cool, but it won't be available until June and doesn't [insert some goofy function that other phones either can't do or break trying to do like removing grass stains from rayon shirts or curing rabies]. And it probably won't keep Steve Jobs out of trouble for the options scandal.

The Apple TV thingy is really nifty too, but it doesn't [insert some idiotic feature like unclogging toilets, reversing male-pattern baldness, leavening bread], and it probably won't be enough to save Steve Jobs from jail for his part in the options scandal.

There should be some blather in there about worldwide computer market share, disappointing predictions from idiot analysts about future earnings, the iPod, and Leopard. Also, the options scandal.

Also, Apple commentator Rob Enderle [no, there isn't a link] wrote some drivel about the iPhone. There's a link on the page for Macalope. The Macalope might have linked the original post. Don't bother, really. It's just silliness.

In the absence of any real news, people are making shit up just to have something to jabber about.

This post is a case in point.

Try the cole slaw with a little béarnaise sauce. It's excellent.