Friday, January 05, 2007

Days 5 | Bugs 2

It's day five of the Month of Apple Bugs. So far, I've only read about one that's Apple specific and one that might attack a Mac, maybe. I've read about these bugs on Slashdot, but I'm not geeky enough to understand what it all means.

I am pretty good at math, though. When somebody says they're going to do something once a day for a whole month, and on day five they've done it twice, that means they're three short. I would never suggest that Kevin Finisterre and LMH (Little Mutt Humper?) are completely full of shit, but that is the kind of thing someone who is completely full of shit would do.

In other news, the Apple/Macintosh press is approaching MacWorld with all the calm objectivity of a fistfight in a whorehouse. Near as I can tell Apple is going to introduce one of everything at MacWorld this year. I'm not certain but I think the list includes a chainsaw, a chafing dish, men's hats, a collection of decorative wicker baskets, and an Apple-branded Kleenex dispenser.

I'm going to put my foil hat on and go to bed.