Friday, January 19, 2007

Vista vs. OS X

There are a lot of calories being burned in the debate between Vista and OS X. Here at Rip Ragged Laboratories, we have researched extensively to determine which of these two operating systems is better. After slaving over a hot lab assistant for hours, we are ready to announce the results of our work. Let's look at our completely scientific study of the pros and cons of Vista and OS X.

Vista: Pros

It has a lot of the same stuff as the current version of OS X.

The interface looks different than XP (a huge selling point, I'm told)

You can still get software specifically designed for a laundromat, an aquarium repair shop, and an online Indian Motorcycle parts shop.

OS X: Pros

It is OS X.

The interface looks different from XP (Thank you, Apple).

It doesn't suck.

Vista: Cons

It costs more than OS X.

It has more versions than Bill Clinton at a grand jury deposition.

It does suck.

OS X: Cons

On Intel Macs, you can run Windows.

My work computer is a Dell.

I'm far more likely to pull out my fingernails with a pair of serving tongs than to purchase Windows.

That is my – completely objective – scientific assessment of the differences between two of the major players in the OS universe. If you disagree feel free to leave comments for me to make fun of.

Hey. Did that thing move?