Friday, June 01, 2007

Week in Review

Steve and Bill Survived

Well, okay, I guess. Bill and Steve did the only logical thing at D. They behaved like grown ups. It would have been more fun to watch Steve give Bill and wedgie and a dutch rub, but titans of industry normally don't behave that way.


Apple Stock is Kicking Ass

Really kicking ass.

Global Warming is in the News Again

1. The planet may be getting warmer. I believe that.

2. We should all try to minimize our consumption. We should keep it down to only those things we really, really want.

3. If there is a relationship between "carbon footprints" and "global warming" it has not been demonstrated scientifically.

I've spent 30 years in the nuclear industry. I know what science looks like. I'm no scientist, but I know science when I see it. "The faithful" among the environmental movement are using the exact same raw data they used thirty years ago to say we were headed for a new ice age. The only difference is that it stopped getting colder and started getting warmer.

The data they're using is incomplete and therefore wrong.

The largest constituent of greenhouse gases is water vapor, at like 95%.

After that comes all the others. Mankind's contribution to the chlorine and carbon dioxide constituent is insignificant compared to the amounts being dumped into the atmosphere by the planet.

The whole thing is cooked up. It's meaningless.

Recycling is still good.

Reducing pollution is still good.

Telling people they have to turn off the lights to save the planet is (not to put too fine a point on it) bullshit. The planet will be just fine.


Research Section

The Zune is number two. In case this news surprises you, more information is available at

Oh, you remember that "Surface" thingy-ma-bobber, that Microsoft just "developed?" The digital flat horizontal plane?
Take a look at the Touch Table. The page has a video you can watch from 2005 of applications running on the Touch Table.

Huh. For a half a second there, I thought Microsoft might actually have innovated. It's a lame, useless kind of creativity – kind of like covering mashed potatoes with Hershey's cholocate ice cream topping – but I at least thought (briefly) that they had done something original.

Silly me.