Saturday, June 16, 2007


Okay. Almost zero. Tomorrow is Father's Day. So tomorrow, barring a huge disturbance in The Force, I'm not writing anything. I'm not even going to sign my name on a restaurant check tomorrow.

Here are a few updates:

iPhone: Nothing new.

iPod: Nothing new.

New Macs: Nothing new.

Apple TV: Nothing new.

Airport: Nothing new.

Leopard: Nothing new.

Apple stock: Nothing new.

Steve Jobs' wardrobe: Nothing new.

Blonde jokes: Nothing new.

Jokes involving clerics of multiple faiths and naked women: Nothing new.

Global warming: Nothing new.

In spite of this apparent lack of change in the world, numerous people who would better serve the greater good by drinking themselves comatose will write a bunch of sensationalistic bullshit and call it news.

I'm going to bed early so I can get everyone up early and annoy the piss out of them all day with unreasonable demands.

Life is good.