Thursday, June 28, 2007

On The Road

Well, this is the weekend we move Mom out of the basement and into her new (well, really frigging old to tell the truth) house.

The most impressive part of the whole experience so far is the drive from the Tri-Cities to Aberdeen. That's where all Mom's stuff is, in my brother's basement. It's summertime on the eastern half of Washington State. Sunshine every day; temperatures in the 90s. The weather forecast in Aberdeen, Washington is: overcast and drizzle. 84 inches of rain a year, here.

This is the southern extreme of the Olympic Peninsula, home of the Olympic rain forest – the only rain forest in North America. Rainforest is the correct term and is not in the slightest overstating the case. The best place to be if you find yourself in Aberdeen, WA, is indoors.

On balance, wifey-poo brought her PowerBook. Since I'm not going outside, I might as well use my free time to update the useless blog.

I was surfing the web earlier today and learned that Steve Jobs is a benevolent, visionary, genius, and mercurial, angry idiot. I've been trying to reconcile all that. I think the choice of words you use to describe His Steveness largely depends on how much Apple stock you own and when you bought it.

I've owned my insignificant number of shares since early in y2k. They were much more insignificant then. I tend to see El Jobso as pretty okay. People who are not gaining financially from the Apple juggernaut tend to see him as an asshole.

That's to be expected. All of these analysts and journalists tend to be rather churlish when they don't get their way. Also, have you really looked at "analyst" etymologically? It could be construed, by breaking it down, to mean: One whose belief system is based on buttholes.

Just sayin'.