Saturday, June 09, 2007

WWDC Preview

Things to expect Monday:

A repackaged Mac Mini.

Pizza for breakfast.

Hype about the iPhone.

A new iPod that can run that 3-D chess game that C3PO and Chewbacca played on the Millenium Falcon; while giving driving directions in Farsi, Chinese, and Flemish.

CAVE people outside carrying signs. I don't mean the guys from the Geico ads. I mean C.A.V.E people. Citizens Against Virtually Everything. Greenpeace is just one example. About 5% of Greenpeace protesters can argue their case logically against a credible set of adversarial questions. The rest are CAVE people. They don't have anything better to do than bitch, and it's their only skill. When they aren't busy with Greenpeace, the same folks are a public nuisance in the service of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), or Citizens Lashing Out With Nothing Specific (CLOWNS).

Pizza for lunch.

A new Aiport Extreme (802.11n) card that will work in any Mac all the way back to the Mac IIfx.

Leopard demo.

An Apple OS roughly equivalent to OS X 10.1 designed to run on a generic Intel-based platform. All universal Mac apps will run on it natively.

A Mac the size of a remote keyless entry device that uses any nearby light-colored flat vertical surface as a monitor. The multi-touch keyboard is the size of a business card and stows in the carrying case.

Pizza for dinner.

Designer jeans with an Apple on the ass.

Okay. I made most of that up. On the other hand, I'll bet a laundry hamper full of unwashed crew socks that shares of Apple Monday after supper cost more than than they do on Monday at breakfast.

I'll bet double or nothing I can't find the Keynote Address on live stream. I haven't scoped it out yet. It's only Saturday after all.