Friday, June 29, 2007

Nope. Not today.

Oddly, I won't have an iPhone today. There are no Apple or AT&T stores in this neighborhood.

I don't know how sales are going tonight so far, but I'm assuming iPhones are selling faster than light beer at a chili cook-off. There are starting to be some glitches in my old Razr. It doesn't bounce far when dropped on asphalt and it doesn't float. Well, it does for a second, but it doesn't come back up after you push it under a couple of times. It may have to be replaced soon. Darn.

Just because I'm on the road this weekend, it doesn't mean I'm neglecting the hard-hitting analysis that has made this blog the destination of choice for a handful of people who are really bored and have five or six minutes to kill. With your busy schedule in mind, here's the news.

Microsoft, says the Idolator (nope, no link, but it looks like a cool blog at first glance), is looking for a media editor to help them market their sorry-ass iPod wannabe. Apparently they want someone with at least a passing familiarity with the device. I don't like their chances of finding someone who knows anything about Zune and can say positive things about it with a straight face.

An article on either Ars Technica or Slashdot (no, I don't care enough to check) says that Vista's vaunted improvements in security may not quite be all they're chalked up to be, when compared to OS X.

The way comparisons are done by Microsoft's security experts, Vista is considered secure unless a totally stock computer – with an unmodified OS installed and no open applications – spontaneously locks up, shuts down, and begins to glow, smoke, and scream like R2D2 getting shot by a blaster.

OS X vulnerability is demonstrated when any application fails to operate, even for a moment, as shown in an advertisement for that application.


Mine still works. Power supply problems are all cleared up. There's this minor problem of having a high-current extension cord running across the living room and through the kitchen into the dining room. Picky, picky, picky. What the hell good is a pretty house if the Mac ain't working? Geez.

I have to go. The nice young men in their nice white coats are here to take me back to my room.