Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No News Today

I mean NONE.

Apple stock went up in a down market, but not enough to excite Old Blue, less than a buck.

The rumor mills are reporting a bunch of stuff. As near as I can tell Apple is going to introduce a brand of antihistamine and a line of ball point pens. They probably won't introduce a kitchen fire extinguisher or nano-glue stickynotes.

As recently as Mother's Day predictions were rampant that the iPhone wouldn't sell as well as flood insurance in hell. It was agreed among the techpress that Apple would probably only sell fifteen or twenty to close friends and people who owed them money anyway.

Now the concensus is that the iPhone is going to make the Tickle-Me Elmo Christmas frenzy look like a lunch rush at Denny's. Apple will sell so many iPhones that the economy of Taiwan will suffer from the silicon depletion.

Frankly, as long as I get one, I don't care how many they sell.

Apple isn't making a profit on Apple TV. Sure they're not. They weren't going to make any money on iTunes either. Did you ever wonder how Dixie makes money giving away free dispensers? Video is a different market than music, with a whole different dynamic and way different rules. Music is just one market with different genres and demographics.

Video is different sources, styles, standards, business models, and delivery methods. When it's time bring broadcast TV, Cable, Satellite, HD, YouTube, and Feature Films all through one pipe, It'll be good to own the pipe. It'll be even better to have a toll booth at one end. If you don't own Apple, it's not too late.

I think I read that Raw Benderly wrote something about Microsoft's "Surface" pretty kludge. I don't read his stuff. I use the time I might have wasted reading an idiot doing useful things: watching paint dry, flipping a coin over and over and over and over and just staring at it tumbling in the air, scratching.

Greenpeace is absurd.