Friday, June 08, 2007

Me too.

Please allow me to join the cacophonous chorus lauding the iPhone.

The iPhone is the most significant technological advance since Elmo Wat -- in 16327 B.C. combined a Hydrogen molecule and an Oxygen atom into a little known compound that forms a major building block for beer. He named it after himself (Elmoxide). Later, the name was changed to water, and it was widely discussed that Elmo was something of a dipshit anyway.

The iPhone is to telephones what a grizzly bear is to hairballs.

Wanting an iPhone is like wanting air. When you no longer want it, it no longer matters.

There will be shortages of iPhones. There will be a black (or at least grey) market in iPhones.

Unlike light beer, an iPhone really might get you laid. Or at least it will bring one in close enough to give you a chance to try.

New iPhone owners will announce themselves across seas of cubicles with the phrase, "Whoa. Check that shit out," or, simply, "Whoa."

Not having an iPhone will produce a medical syndrome that will require treatment with prescription medication and counseling.

The iPhone will not taste good added to Denver omelets.