Sunday, June 03, 2007

It Figures

If you haven't been over to Roughly Drafted today, you shouldn't be here yet. You're not supposed to come here until you've already read Roughly Drafted, Daring Fireball, and Macalope. Only then is it acceptable to clutter your head with my BS.

Dan Eran over at RD linked yours truly today. I celebrated with an extra cup of coffee and two (2) extra oatmeal cookies. I sent him a link I found for an actual Touch Table that predates "Surface" by at least two years.

Concidentally, it turns out Dan was working on a discussion of that very thing over at RD.

I have actually contributed to real journalism. The pisser is, I don't even have anyone I can ask for a raise. Screw it. I'm eating the rest of the Cherry Garcia.

Zune News

The Official Microsoft Zune News Site has an ad on it for a Special "Halo" Edition. The site doesn't mention that, other than the name, the device has absolutely no way of interacting with the game Halo. It is entirely possible that a large number of techfrees will be out a few euros before figuring out that bit of sophistry.

Available in Engineer Orange and Master Chief Grey.

Week in Preview

Apple stock will continue up. Only the terminally stupid are selling much AAPL going into the WWDC.

Vista will continue to suck.

The Zune is still fun to make jokes about. That will continue at least until WWDC.

The news will break out of the Mac Community that "Surface" is really "Facade." If Microsoft has the capacity to feel stupid for plagiarism and abject technical inferiority, this would be the time to see it. I recommend against holding your breath.

The Beatles aren't coming to iTunes until next year. Okay. That sucks. The reality is, though, that they're coming to iTunes. The Long and Winding Road will be on iTunes before it's on the frigging Zune store.

Important Note:

Winning isn't everything, but losing sucks.