Monday, June 04, 2007

The News

There isn't any news.

Well, except I'm thinking of changing the name of the blog to "Apple shares hit all time closing high."

The only problem is Mac Daily News has a copyright on the headline. They copy it to the clipboard on Monday and paste it in every afternoon. It saves all that typing. They just type in the new number.

Two former Apple employees are now working for Palm.

Every spring in the NFL teams that sucked last season buy up personnel from teams that made it to the post-season. The worse the teams suck, the more convinced they are that a linebacker or a coach from a championship team will make them not suck. "A player with championship experience will provide the spark we need."

Remember not too long ago when the Minnesota Vikings took Steve Hutchinson from the Seahawks? Hutch was the second best lineman in the NFL at the time. He played side-by-side with the best lineman in the NFL, Walter Jones. When they were on the field together, defensive lines got out of the way. Playing the same starting five linemen with Walter and Hutch on one side of the line for a few years made the Seahawks O-line smarter and the whole team better.

All by himself Hutch can't make the Vikes not suck.

Good luck Fred and Jon.