Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New iPhone Killer

Yessirree Bob, there's a new iPhone killer. It's from Sony-Ericsson. It's called the Xperia X1. Actually, I haven't read the term "iPhone killer" yet, but it's early. The article I read calls it a "shot across Apple's bow."

It has all the defining characteristics of an iSomething killer:

  • It looks just like the iPhone would look if it was poorly designed.
  • It has a touch screen just like the iPhone would have if it had a really ugly touch screen.
  • It runs Windows Mobile.
  • It has a full keyboard, just like the iPhone would have had if Apple engineers were lazy.
  • It's 3G, just like the iPhone would have been if functionality and battery life didn't matter.
  • And of course, it has the single most important feature the iPhone lacks: It's imaginary. There are none. It will be shipping someday.
Another dire warning for Apple. I'm sure the women and children have been moved to a safe location.


A very nice blog post about a visit to an Apple store has been turned into a huge commentard flame war. Just a nice guy talking about having a good experience. Well the anti-Apple crowd came out of the woodwork to call him names. One of the pro-Mac commenters in the flame war noticed that the Windows fanboys couldn't spell. It's true. Most of the anti-Mac commenters either didn't know how to compose English sentences or didn't care to bother. Their spelling was phonetic at best, and their grammar and usage was atrocious. I'm noticing that phenomenon more and more. Until now it hadn't clicked.

I read a thing over on FoxNews.com by a guy who says us Mac fans need to quit being so smug about security because phishing is platform agnostic. We should install anti-phishing software. He says Mac users are just as susceptible to phishing as Windows users are. His main argument supposes that Mac users aren't smarter than Windows users.

Well, try this. Go to a site where there is a flame war involving Apple versus Windows supporters. (The one linked above is a great example.)

You tell me who's smarter.

Who dealt this crap?