Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Huge Day

Let's see. What kind of weird crap happened today?

Weirdest thing, I agreed with Maureen Dowd. That never happens. She said that voting for Hillary is not necessary to maintain feminist credentials. I sort of figured she'd just automatically support the Hill/Bill ticket. I don't get politics, but near as I can tell, B.O. is the front-runner for the Dems.

McCain thinks he's won the Republican nomination even though the votes aren't all counted.

Like I said. I don't get it.

Moving along...

Forbes has an analyst saying that Apple's stock price isn't going to get back to where it was. Bear market, you know. Same guy says to buy Intel and Cisco. Some other analysts are saying to go long Apple. The average among most analysts for Apple's target price is in the $200 range. Go figure. If you make sense out of it all, let me know.

Over on Tech Digest there's a guy named Gary Cutlack who says that Apple needs to stay out of the game console market. Gary Cutlack, you'll remember is the business genius's see... Oh wait. I've never heard of him either.

Anyway, by virtue of the fact that he got a byline at a place called "Tech Digest" he has arrogated unto himself the expertise to deem gaming an unsuitable business for Apple to enter. His theory is that Apple doesn't really want to anyway. They just feel forced because of all the Eve and World of Warcraft players who dictate corporate policy in Cupertino.

"...what's left for Apple to take? Nothing. If it was to launch a standalone games machine, Apple would be flattened by the pros in a matter of months, currently fashionable brand status or not."
Listen up, Steve. Gary's talking. Apple doesn't have a snowball's chance in San Diego of competing against the likes of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft in the gaming market. Those guys are PROS. Okay? So just hang it up. This isn't just some hack in his parent's basement. This is GARY CUTLACK. His parents have a really nice basement. He probably has his own bathroom down there and everything.

Gary goes on to explain...
"A sleek Apple handheld gaming machine is a fantasy product we'd clearly all love to own and play with, but Apple isn't Nintendo. It's not even Sony. "
If I might add, to further illustrate the point, Apple is also not Ford, Safeway, Jiffy Lube, Del Taco, or Exxon-Mobil. I'm sorry, Gary. Go ahead...
"It would have nothing new to offer to gamers, except the chance to shovel yet more money Apple's way via iTunes for more remakes of Sudoku and Frogger."
And of course, finally, the key piece of advice...

"Save yourself the effort and a few billion dollars and stick to the MP3 players and fancy computers for the artistic types, Apple."

So, there you have it. As far as I'm concerned that's the absolute last thing that needs to be said about the totally unsubstantiated rumor that Apple is entering the gaming market. Unless I decide to pick on somebody else.

Oh wait. One more thing. Gary, when you go upstairs take your dirty dishes with you. Thanks.

Three Boz Scaggs songs in a row? What kind of song shuffle is that?