Friday, February 08, 2008


A couple of things.

One: What's a good, cheap, easy-for-a-non-geek program for building a nice design for the new place? I've looked at SandVox. I haven't downloaded it yet. I'm utterly unskilled at all but the most rudimentary HTML, so I need something that caters to "stupid," while still providing the ability to make something useable, pretty, and easy to navigate.

Other business:

A week or so ago, my daughter bought a new iMac from CompUSA, the moribund computer store running a clearance on everything. The monitor has a dead pixel, smack in the middle of the screen. CompUSA in Spokane, Washington has flat refused to replace the machine. She even has a case number from Apple, so I'm pretty sure Apple would honor the exchange. Apple support told her to take the computer to an Apple Store for a replacement. No can do. The nearest Apple Store is almost 300 miles away. Seattle or Portland. She's trying Best Buy.

There's a reason CompUSA is going out of business.

Stay tuned here or at the new digs for a glowing review of Best Buy/Apple's customer service on case number:


Or possibly a screeching tirade from a really pissed off fanboy/stockholder/21-year loyal customer. This may surprise you, but I'm capable of that.

I love cats. I just don't think I can eat a whole one by myself.