Sunday, February 17, 2008

HD-DVD vs. Blue Ray: So?

So, which format are we not going to be buying our movies on? It matters? To whom? I can already download most of the movies I want to watch, play them through a computer onto a big screen TV in HD, and free up the Hard Disc space when I'm done.

This isn't a repeat performance of VHS and Betamax. This is more like a comparison of competing brands of wood cookstoves. Who wins? Who gives a big rat's ass?

Think composite buggy whips. Nanotech for hitching posts. Carbon fiber and epoxy horseshoes. It's over, okay?

I'll bet you a slice of cold French toast with peanut butter and a lukewarm cup of chicken noodle soup OS X (10.6) is a download. Disc format for an extra $20. Who's in?

Discs are dead.

Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

Notes on Mobile:

Been reading around the innertubes about all kinds of stuff related to the iPhone and cell phones in general - especially about the World Mobile Conference thingy in Spain.

The entire cell phone industry is absolutely baffled at the fact that almost 80% of iPhone users report being "very satisfied." No other handset maker gets anything remotely close to that kind of numbers.

They don't get it. Billions of dollars a year paid to these doofuses, and they can't figure out why the iPhone is cool. Okay? That's scary. What's scarier yet, they won't even acknowledge among themselves that the iPhone is a problem to be solved. They talked all around it. It was a bugaboo word that no one wanted to say out loud for fear of jinxing the mojo.

I'm not selling any Apple stock, kids. This is gonna be fun to watch.

Hey. Has anyone seen the pinochle cards?