Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Apple's Best Days are Past (click with care)

The title of this column links to a post with the same title. Is that eponymous? I don't know. I am nodding in the general direction of MacDailyNews for this link.

First, on reading the headline, my initial response was (this is a direct quote), "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA(snort)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(snort, choke, snort)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha(snort)ha ha hahaha. Whoooo!" Then I read the whole article, daubing the occasional tear off my cheek and laughing some more. 

Anyhow, the punditbot or fundtard or whatever the hell kind of analyst, Alan Farley, over on thestreet.com makes me think of a joke I just heard today:

Doctor: Mr Smith, you have to stop masturbating.

Patient: Why?

Doctor: So I can finish your physical examination.

This Farley guy is a "technical trader" kind of analyst. He reads charts and makes his predictions based on "moving averages" and such. It's really easy to do. You just learn some simple math and give people advice for which you are utterly unaccountable. You know how it works when the weatherman predicts a sunny day and it rains on your family reunion picnic and you can't sue him when several cars get washed away in the flash flood? Same deal.

Please tell all the people you don't like to read this guy, so they can drive the price of Apple down some more. I'm getting ready to make a purchase. This is a great way to make sure I get the best bargain.

Over on Red Herring they have an article called "Poor Steve Jobs. A Control Freak's Nightmare." As near as I can tell, they think this DVD Jon character and his new DRM workaround are going to further damage the fortunes of Apple. He also says that the recent revelation that there's a grey market for iPhones in out-of-area countries is bad for His Steveness.


No pain.

Apple will, at best, make token efforts to combat these evils. According to what I've read elsewhere on the tubenets, the FairPlay workaround is based on the same technology as making a CD and then re-ripping it to mp3. It just does the whole thing with software. Yippee.

The missing iPhones? Apple got the purchase price for them. Now they're advertising for free with them in lands that need carrier service. The missing phones both indicate the presence of demand and increase demand all at once. Cheap advertising.

HD vs Blu-Ray: It's over. Toshiba announced that all the HD DVDs that you spent all that money on are crap. Another site did a breakdown of whether that is good or bad for consumers. Lots of energy on this from lots of places.

I have a MacBook, iTunes, and Front Row in my home entertainment center. I doubt I'll ever buy another piece of digitized plastic. Well, maybe there are a couple of John Wayne movies in the discount rack I don't have. I'll bet I can get El Dorado for $9.99.

Time for another Perrier.