Saturday, February 16, 2008

Brief Comments on Nothing at All

Today was a slow day on the innertubes. Not much at all going on.

No new reviews of the MacBook Air Jordan.

Nobody ripped Apple's stock.

Nobody mentioned the iPhone in any real context. They ignored it in Barcelona. Everybody is trying to figure out which part of the iPhone to half-ass copy.

The thing I notice is Apple isn't really trying to compete with the other handset makers. They just said, "Well it should do this and that and that." Then they made sure the dogdamn thing reliably did all the stuff it was supposed to do. And then they made sure that people with no more technical savvy than Rip Ragged could make it do all that stuff. Trust me, that's a low bar.

The next thing they did was dictate a new business model. You want to sell the baddest ass cell phone on the planet, you do it our way.

Now His Steveness is just kicking back enjoying the show. The whole rest of the world is trying to figure out Apple. How do you compete with a company like Apple? They keep changing the rules of the game and moving the field out from under you.

Oddly, people are only just now noticing that Apple is changing the rules for computers. They already changed the rules for music a few years ago. The playing field for mobile communications is Apple iPhone Arena. Now Apple is going to be noticed for changing the rules of the Personal Computer discussion. Macs work for Rip Ragged level tech bozos. Which means: The Rest of Us.

IT is the next to take, and it won't take long. Especially when the CEO is carrying all the computer he needs in a manila envelope, wondering why there's all this trouble with those clunky WinDells at work.

All the FUD around and about saying Macs are going to start being malware targets? Hogwash. Horse hocky. If Macs were going to be hacked on any large scale it would have been done by now.

Phishing? Yeah, okay. Mac users aren't immune to that. They aren't immune to the flu, flat tires, bad haircuts, runny eggs, halitosis, or rainy days either. Phishing doesn't have anything to do with your electronic computer; it's related to your ability to operate the computer God gave you. If your native machine is "Dumbass" you're susceptible to phishing scams.

Fact: OS X is safer than Windows.

I just had the entire family over to my place for supper. It's always just as nice to see everyone leave as it is to see them arrive. Bed time.