Sunday, February 24, 2008

Concert at Businessweak

Arik Hesseldahl and The Unnamed Sources, touring their Greatest Hit Pieces album. I considered linking the whole story. I didn't. Not worth the extra work.

Without naming names of people who have said anything unofficial, Arik says that since nobody has said anything official, the iPhone SDK has slipped. He cites not one single fact to support this claim unless you count "I'm hearing from one source," and, "I'm not yet hearing..." as facts.

Let me reiterate. He has no facts. He named no source. He gave absolutely nothing to back up a single word of his statements, and when you read the whole piece it says "maybe." What in the name of Eniac was the point of that post? It sure as hell isn't news. Pure, unadulterated, unsupported, unverifiable speculation with a negative spin looks like FUD for FUD's sake from this angle.

This is why Rip Ragged makes no claims of journalistic integrity. People who claim "journalistic integrity" make me itch. Bob forbid I should ever be categorized with them.

It's bad enough when a source asks to remain anonymous. Unnamed sources where there is at least the promise that a real person is attached to the chimera, still taints the value of the information. When that promise isn't even there, and the reporting is supposed to be taken seriously, well, it just makes me feel like taking a shower after I read it.

I may be an opinionated, self-important, jackass fanboy, but at least I'm honest about it.

Arik. Please. If you have nothing to say, adjust your word count to mathematically reflect that quantity.

Thank you.

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