Saturday, February 23, 2008

More C|Net Stuff

Erica Ogg, over on C|Net opines that downloads will kill Blu-ray. Duh. No link. I'm just too lazy.

Have I not mentioned that? What the hell? It's important that Blu-ray won the format war, because it means Microsoft didn't get to advance another mess of proprietary detritus on the planet. Other than making sure the borg doesn't assimilate video, it was meaningless.

I reserve the right to have my wife change my mind, but I have no plans to buy another disc player. I'm looking for a hack that changes my MacBook HECK (Home Entertainment Center Kiosk) into an AppleTV. It shouldn't be tough; somebody is working on it, I'm sure.

In the meantime, DVD quality downloads are quite watchable. Besides, my 3 Stooges discs won't get much better with technology advances.

And speaking of flotsam and jetsam: Zune.

Thank you.

Please pick up your children on the way out.