Sunday, February 03, 2008


That was unexpected. Good game. Crappy ads.

The FedEx ad with the pigeons? Inane. The cgi was for shit. Reminded me of Air Force One. The Bud Light ads even sucked. Very unusual. I'd rather drink warm cat piss than Bud Light but they usually have pretty funny ads. Not today.

There were several "high concept" ads. They were so bad I can't even remember what they were selling.

The halftime show was pretty good. Tom Petty stayed close enough to the mike that you couldn't see whether his denture adhesive was working. When the band stood shoulder to shoulder at the end of the show it looked like a line dancing class at the community center.

Thank goodness it was a great game. Right up until the end there was a chance for that other team to come back. Well, except number twelve had a lot of grass stains on his ass. It's pretty hard to lead your team to glory from the supine position. Sorry, kids. 18-1 is just really, really good. Not glorious. The '72 Dolphins are still the only ones to run the table.

Okay. The Doritos ad with the mousetrap was funny.

Can I have a slice of pie now?