Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Stock is Down

Boy, did I call that or what? The punditbots and fundtards are just totally hosed. One guy I read, Henry Blodgett over on Silicon Valley Insider has it right. He said, in essence: You clowns are looking at all the wrong things if you're selling Apple. The growth machine is the Mac.

He noted that the year to year growth of Macs in the September quarter was like 34%. That's huge. Answering a 'tard in the comments he said "the iPhone is a rounding error."

I have a buy order in for $150. We'll clean out all the suckers by then and be down to the real players. I'm guessing it'll fill on Friday.

I don't think I'm the MacBook Air Jordan niche. I want one, but I don't need one. That could change. Wifey-poo is about to start a new career as a consultant/road warrior. I might end up blogging from away from the house some as a result. Just between us girls, I don't think you need a supercomputer to blog. I'm reasonably sure that an MBAJ is up to doing Keynote presentations and playing my SRV playlist on the plane.

That doesn't mean the sumbitch won't sell like hotcakes. Did you guys check out the vanity-plate-computer-thingy horseshit they pictured over on busyness-weak a few days ago? They're trying to sell big clunky ugly Windows books with paisley paint jobs for $13.2k. Crap. Pure crap. There is no such thing as a laptop with the technology worth that kind of lettuce. They don't exist.

The point is, people with a very high bucks-to-brains ratio are buying that garbage. As you get closer to a more balanced ratio of smarts-to-simoleons, you'll find the niche market for the MBAJ. Still more money than technical knowledge, but smart enough to spot an elegant decent computer. They'll sell. Any honest appraisal has to include the coolness factor. The MBAJ has it. It's not flashy or paisley or hot pink or self-conscious – just plain frigging cool. Non-idiots who just need a basic machine and can afford one, will buy one. Maybe two.

Which takes us back to our earlier discussion of Apple's long term prospects. Apple is growing the market, not just taking market share. Apple computers are interconnective with PCs because they're standards-based. Macs will infiltrate the enterprise market because of that.

First, one or two, here and there around the office. The boss buys one for his daughter, then his wife, then he buys himself an MBP for travel. Then an iMac for home. Then he wonders why he has to use a turn-of-the-century OS at his desk. Then he gets an iMac for the office. Pretty soon, everybody is standardizing on Apple. It works better with their iPhones and iPods.

Ladies and gents, the growth of Apple hasn't even started – and as I've said here many times, they have no cogent competition. None. Zero. Zune. Zilch. Zip. By the time anyone figures how to compete with Apple, it's going to be way too late. I'm buying more shares.

Note to Leigh: I'm thinking about the same thing. I have about a third of a novel written. I've thought about posting it one chapter a week. If my hit count gets high enough, say, if I get as many hits a day as the blog has gotten in the last 13 months, I thought I might sell some ads. I still have a lot of writing to do before I'm ready to start, though.

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