Thursday, January 03, 2008

More MacWorld News

Has everyone been keeping up? Just got back from MacDailyNews. They found some joker who thinks the big news from MacWorld is going to be Microsoft Office 2008. He says EVERY Mac user MUST own a copy of Office. Dang. The only reason there's a copy of Office on my current Mac is because my daughter's college library only sold the multiple-license version when we bought it for her. She HAD to have it for one of her idiotic liberal – and I do mean liberal AND idiotic– arts courses last year. So I installed it. The updates are so not Mac-like. What a pain in the ass. I never use the dogdamn thing, but every time Microsoft issues an update it nags the piss out of me to upgrade.

The only way Microsoft will ever be the headliner at MacWorld will be if Apple absorbs the company. It will happen, eventually. It won't make headlines, though – not unless it means something for some other reason. You know, like if at that moment Microsoft is making some software that you actually need or something really earth-shattering like that.

Currently Apple needs Microsoft products like a monkey needs a slide rule.

In other news....

Some idiot has convinced lawyers to file a lawsuit against Apple because they won't support WMA files. It really isn't fair to the lawyers. It would be more reasonable to just take them out to a quiet, uninhabited place and shoot them humanely.

WMA files are THE digital analog to feces. Everything in WMA has exhausted its usefulness. Now it stinks. Nobody wants it. Apple supports all the non-proprietary (open) formats for almost everything. Pretty soon Apple will stop licensing .doc file formats. When that happens, Microsoft will have to open its standards in order to stay in business.

Apple is winning. Apple will continue to win until there is – as a bare minimum – some form of cogent competition. By the time the other team gathers, formulates a game plan, and takes the field, Apple is going to have a BIG head start.

The scary thing is that the punditbots and fundtards will sell based on crap like that. That's bad for my retirement fund.

More great news...

LG and NetFlix are going to – someday – introduce a direct to TV video rental service that will be just like iTunes only better.

Someday Microsoft is going to introduce something that's even better than the iPhone. The next version of Windows is going to just blow away that whole multi-touch whatchamacallit.

RIM has a cooler thing in the works, too, I'm sure. And Dell.

Have you seen the new ad for the Dell XPS notebook? The engine block and the naughahyde for the girls' dresses were both removed from a '67 Chrysler Imperial. The frigging ad doesn't mention Dell until the very end. It advertises Intel and perky breasts for roughly 85% of the ad, then it says, "Dell. You'll get yours," right at the end. Or something like that. It shows a picture of what appears to be a profile shot of a notebook computer, or possibly an aerial view of an outhouse door closing.

I'm not sure what the driving motivation of the whole ad was. If the point was to show skinny girls with cute little titties, well, yay Dell. I guess I don't know enough about marketing to know how that sells computers – but I'm sure a company with over one fourth the market cap of Apple must know more about demographics than some silly blogger.

I just know that I found the girls to be interesting only as a study in the creative use of synthetics, and they were the most interesting part of the spot. Nothing about the ad made me in any way interested in Dell, except that I got something to make fun of without having to get up from the couch.

The noodles are done.