Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh the Humanity

Wow. Have you been watching the presidential campaign crapstorm lately? We have three Socialists pretending to be Republicans, and two Communists pretending to be Democrats. I saw a great email today. A soldier with Chelsea saying, "I'm only afraid of three things: Osama, Obama, and Yo' Mama." Well, that would sum it up for me if we had any Republican candidates.

And Ron Paul is still in the race.

My Mom – who does a great imitation of a bobblehead doll on a dashboard on a long stretch of unpaved road when Rush Limbaugh speaks – is considering voting for Ron Paul.

I've read his web site. I'm not sure I agree with him across the board, but I think he could keep things from going too far the wrong direction. He would at least have veto power to slow down the slide. I'm thinking he's probably the best of the available alternatives.

That isn't exactly a ringing endorsement (damned by faint praise), but then, who the hell am I anyhow? I have to vote, and I sure can't vote for any of the "mainstream" choices. The communists are out. They don't even hide that they intend to socialize everything. From the standpoint of honesty, they're preferable to the "Republican" candidates. The "Republicans" won't even come right out and tell you that they're about to redistribute your wealth and appoint liberal judges.

So you can put me down as a Ron Paul supporter as well as an Apple fanboy. Doubly damned.

Moving right along......

Was over at the Macalope today. He beat up some poor goober named Sven who thinks he's going to be hunted down and killed by Apple for saying he talked to an anonymous Apple employee at MacWorld and got the following leaked piece of vital top secret eyes only from the deep dark dungeon information about cut'n'paste on the iPhone....(remember: if you read this you have to immediately destroy some brain cells)...

"We're working on that."

I think picking on Sven is kinda like giving the grandkids Coco Puffs and Mountain Dew just before Mom comes to pick them up. Mean, cruel, thoughtless, inhumane, and downright fun.

More bad news....

The iPhone is doomed again. Can you believe it? Some retard says that Apple is going to really have to struggle to meet their 10 million phone goal by the end of the year. Probably right, too. If you figure that they sold 4 million in two quarters, and expanded their market late in the first two quarters and they continue to sell at that rate for four more quarters that's two times six, carry the one, that's only 12 million. Plus they still aren't even officially being sold in Canada, China, Belize, Afghanistan, Liechtenstein, Japan, Mozambique, Norway, Holland, Guatemala, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, or Greece. That adds up to several percent of the world's population (I could do the math, but frankly I don't care.)

So you can see that the iPhone is doomed. DOOMED. Apple is just totally hosed again. Damn you, Steve Jobs.

It never ends....

The MBAJ is doomed. DOOMED. Is that repetitious? Should I have said something else?
..cubed. CUBED.

At least the third horseman of the Apocalypse...

Over on Roughly Drafted, it seems that John C. Dvorak has received some kind of testimonial for saying something demonstrably true.

And finally....

Dell is closing all 140 of its mall kiosks. The question that surely must plague us all, upon hearing that sad news is, "Dell had mall kiosks? Who knew?"

The last peanut butter cookie is MINE.