Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh, Good Grief

The innertubes are alive with the sound of stupid.

If you go over to Forbes you can read Fake Dan Lyons blathering on about how the Zune is better in many ways to the iPod. The interface is cooler. The case comes in lots of different colors. It isn't the same old thing your grandpa has two of. Oh yeah. It's waaaaay better. That's why everybody has one. Damn. Stick to pretending to be Steve Jobs' evil twin.

Read somewhere else that Acer is gaining market share faster than Macs. No kidding. We are going to have to find some way to define the market that makes sense. Just as Ford is not taking market share away from Ferrari, Acer is not taking any market share away from Apple, okay? Ford and Ferrari are not competitors. Yeah, they both sell cars – just like Macs and Acers are both computers. They are for entirely different markets.

Are Fords selling faster than Ferraris? Yeah, probably. And they have SINK from Microsoft, now. So your car can ignore you just like that cute new intern.

Acer is outselling Macs. Wow. Next thing they'll tell us is Easy Cheese® has a bigger share of the snack spread market than beluga caviar and paté de foie gras combined.


My cup is empty. My coffee cup, smartass.