Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ain't Much Happening

Bernanke panicked. He got a big pee stain in his wool trousers and dropped the Fed rate by 0.75 percent. Instead of sparking a rally, he spooked the critters. Damn fool kids.

Apple's stock price will be up again soon. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Apple's growth is just getting started. The stock might not reflect it in the near term, but if you hold on to it, you'll make money. If it gets any cheaper, I'm gonna buy more.

'Nuffa that.

If you didn't hear, they just love the MBAJ on the Today Show. This may shock some folks hereabouts, but um, the rest of the world doesn't revolve around the Mac-Geek blogosphere or the stock report. There are lots and lots of folks that don't give a hoot in hell about features and specs and hard drives versus SSDs and frigging USB ports. They just want a computer that works and looks cool doing it.

If they can have a computer that's thin and light and works and looks cool doing it, so much the better. These are not stupid people. They're people with money. They're people who make good livings doing something other than worrying about Apple versus PC. Most of them don't know a Leopard from a Vista and wouldn't care if they did. They've seen the Get a Mac TV ads. It's a computer. It looks pretty cool. I want one.

MBAJs are going to sell faster than Cheetos at a Cheech and Chong rally. When the new version comes out, the noobs will buy new ones. Apple isn't evil. They sell stuff. They like to sell hardware and spin off software. His Steveness used to give away the system software in the good old days. They practically do now. They want to sell Macs, and they do.

They don't give a rat's skidtracks about the profit margin at the iTunes music store. They care about selling Macs and iPhones and iPods and Apple TVs. The price is designed to make it easy to download lots of stuff to your iThingy. That way you'll want to make sure you always have the latest iThingy.

Apple will continue to grow for a while. After a while, though, they'll need some competition to keep from becoming complacent. Eventually a couple of companies will figure out how to compete. I could tell them, but that wouldn't be a new post. I've already said it enough times. It isn't all that complex. Hell, Steve Jobs has told them. Nobody's listening.

It's okay. I don't own any of their stocks anyhow.