Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Microsoft Report

It has come to my attention that this blog hasn't mentioned the Zune or Vista for a while. They suck. There. That takes care of that.


If you haven't been reading the news, I should let you know that there is a Mac thingy going on somewhere in the Oakland area next week. There are banners all around the place that say, "Something in the Air." This is an obtuse reference to the iRoll – Apple's new aerosol flat tire repair system. It's somewhat inaccurate because the fill gas isn't actually air, but rather a mixture of organic resins, inert gases, and halides. But face it, this is advertising after all. If accuracy was important, the Ford/Sync ads would be a LOT funnier.


They had that CES whatchamacallit thing in Las Vegas. I was going to find something funny on the CES web site and write about it, but the only thing I found on their site is that their site was put together by a Windows programming committee (probably the same committee that designed the "Control Panel". I couldn't find squat.

Washington, D.C.

The President of the United States of America announces that he will seek peace in the Middle East, have salad with his tuna sandwich for lunch, and read the comics while he takes a crap.