Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It is already started

Been reading the asshat blogs. Apple did everything everybody expected. It wasn't good enough because nobody actually peed their pants. It was all predicted. So the frigging stock went down. Morons. It was all really cool stuff. Nothing to make you spit your french fries, but cool stuff. Okay, it wasn't much.

I'm as much of a fanboy as anyone, but I have to say this Macworld Expo was only just pretty good. Just sayin'.

The MacBook Air Jordan looks cool, but not particularly awe-inspiring. That isn't to say I don't want one, just that I can probably wait on it for a while without feeling deprived. Not a long while, you know, but a few months. Maybe.

Wow. I can rent movies. Excuse me for saying so, but a selection of 1000 movies is lame. LAME. I don't blame Apple for the pathetic selection, but a thousand movies does not represent a large percentage of Warner Bros catalog. Never mind that there are like nine other studios in the mix. You could just about use up 1000 with nothing but Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and Gary Cooper flicks. C'mon you wieners. Cut loose with the goodies.

All that pales to insignificance next to Time Capsule. That particular piece of hardware gets my dandruff up. Pardon me, but I think Time Capsule officially crosses the line into Microsoftian behavior. Some of the stuff the asshats say about the iTunes and iPods seems to be actually true about Time Machine and Time Capsule. It looks like hardware/software lock-in that is absolutely unnecessary. I hope I just misunderstood something. Is there a third-party way to wirelessly back up my Mac on using an HD and an AirPort Extreme? This could make me mad enough to learn how to use Terminal or at least change brands of coffee from SBC to Tully's and wear my socks inside out for a week in protest.

I'm serious.

As serious as I get anyway.

Wow. Thank goodness I didn't post before I had time to play with iPhone 1.1.3 for a while. Excuse me for waxing rapturous, but this rocks. Really rocks. Seriously rocks. Rockin' it from the Delta to the DMZ. Majorly wicked cool. Gnarly'n shit. Seriously groovy. Really. I like all of the new stuff. I've done nothing but play with my iPhone for the last two hours. Neat. O.

The coolest part is the wiggly icons. Genius.

Somebody open a window.