Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh For Crying Out Loud

I confess. I watched the Oscars. I saw the iPhone ad.


Apple has advertised the iPhone. There is no ad, however inconceivably bad -- and I'm thinking here of Larry the Cable Guy farting "Our Town" into the thing -- that could have drawn negative reviews from some of the "breathless Mac bloggers" I read so much about. I'm not sure who these people are. I don't read them.

If you hate Apple, Apple products, Apple users, apple pie, apple trees, apple maggots, apple polishers, apple-pie order, apple jack, or the apple of my eye the advertisement sucked a big one.

Artie McStrawman loved the ad. It had an Apple logo -- Fanboy Viagra.

The ad didn't suck from the standpoint of being "really bad". It made a boatload of references to "Hello" in a number of semi-interesting variations with some really old movie and TV clips. It showed a picture of the iPhone. It showed the Apple logo. Boink. Artie's sporting a bone.

Well. It was a commercial.



In other news...


Nope. There isn't any.